It just seems like yesterday that I started this journey. In 2008, I decided that I was tired of being overweight, tired of lacking energy for my kids, and tired of looking in the mirror and not knowing who I was anymore. I knew that I alone had done this to myself. I also knew that I alone was the only one that could break the unhealthy cycle and get my body back to a healthy weight. I started boot camp in the fall of 2008. I had always been an athlete, but you would have never known it during that first month. Even though I grew up running, I could not even complete a mile. I made my mind up that I was going to find that athlete that had been hidden away from the unhealthy lifestyle I had taken on. My goal was not to be skinny. I really dislike that word because skinny is not necessarily healthy. I wanted to be fit. I wanted to have muscle and I wanted to look like an athlete. Fast forward 9 years…….I have lost 66 lbs and 47.75 inches and have found my inner athlete again. The unhealthy girl who could not run a mile has now run several ½ marathons. The transformation was not overnight.  It took commitment to my workouts and a completely different mindset of food and how my body reacts to certain foods.  Getting healthy has to be a combination of both or it does not work. There is no magic pill and no quick fix. You have to love yourself enough to break the unhealthy habits and as a result add years back to your life. Thank you Adventure Boot Camp for playing a huge roll on my journey to where I am at today!!!  I could not have done it without you!!!! ~Bridget Winstead Boot Camper since 2008

BJ says: There are so many wonderful things to say about Adventure Boot Camp but I will start at the beginning. I was one of the lucky ones that found Sara's boot camp from the first class and have been with her the last 11 years. Crazy!  I have never been consistent with any program before this one and it offers so much more than just a exercise program. Sara not only puts us through great workouts but never just stops there.  She emails us everyday with great advice that can be health or life related and is always motivational.  She seems to read the group and knows just what is needed by all of us.  She individualizes workouts for those that need something different without making anyone feel like they are doing less than another.  I have lost and gained weight over the years due to living life's ups and downs and never have I felt like I wasn't accepted into this wonderful atmosphere.  I can't imagine being any where else.  I will give a lot of credit to Sara for the friends I have made and the healthy life style that I live today. I could keep going because the positive aspects of boot camp with Sara are endless.
BJ Smith, pictured on the right and Roxie Lyons on the left, Boot Campers since 2006
Roxie says: I just want to start with Sara Oliver. She is the most amazing Trainer, Friend and Prayer Warrior. Adventure Boot Camp began for me 11 years ago. It truly is the only hour of my life that is only for me. I love starting my day off with Sara's smiling face and my life long friends I met at Adventure Boot Camp. Thank you!


The term “Boot Camp” was very intimidating to me.  When I retired, a friend of mine, who had been a part of DPABC for many years, encouraged me to give it a try.  I started just over a year ago and have never regretted it.  What made it feel so comfortable was that the campers are of different ages and fitness levels, so I have never felt out of place.  Not only is Sara very supportive and encouraging, but the campers are also very supportive of each other. 
Before Boot Camp, I always focused on starting an exercise regimen to lose pounds.  I would lose and then stop exercising, until the next time I wanted to lose.  Now, I focus on overall health, and maintaining a healthy weight is just one aspect of that.  Boot Camp helps improve my strength, flexibility and balance.  I have amazed myself at how much more I can do now compared to a year ago.  Working hard first thing in the morning motivates me to work on healthy habits throughout the day.   You are never too old, and it is never too late, to start taking care of yourself!  ~Cindy Carter, Boot Camper since 2016
I joined Adventure Boot Camp two years ago. I was never an athlete, I just enjoyed being outside and exercising. When I join Boot Camp, I did not know anybody, could barely run around the block, and was definitely not on the right nutritional path.

After four weeks of boot camp I was able to run a mile! After two years of Boot Camp I have made great friends, learned how to eat properly, and know that my sore muscles mean improvements in my body.

In the last two years I have built up my strength, my stamina and my self-esteem.  I have not only lost over 17 pounds, but I have been able to maintain my weight for over a year. On days that I am tired and just want to eat a burger, I still push myself to go to Boot Camp. The end result for me now is health and happiness. ~Marion Fenley, Boot Camper since 2015


I have been a boot camp member since November 2009. During this time I have lost/maintained 10.6 lbs. and 9.75 inches. Several years ago I experienced several medical issues including a knee replacement. Even though I can no longer run and have to limit knee exercise Sara is excellent in recommending modifications. At age 70, my youngest daughter (who joins me at boot camp 5 days a week) and I are training for a ½ marathon in November, which will be my 13th to complete along with several 5 and 10Ks since 2003.

I believe that no matter what age you are, the most important thing you can do for yourself and loved ones is to continue to strengthen your body so that as you age or are faced with medical issues, you will be both physically and mentally strong to confront any trial you may be faced with.

An additional benefit from boot camp has been the introduction to Shaklee. Their protein drinks, supplements and skin care are the best on the market. ~Nancy Schriever, Boot Camper since 2009


I was an athlete for my entire youth and early adulthood. I always HAD to workout. So, when I graduated college and ended softball, it all came to an end. I did nothing for a while because I didn't have to. But then a co-worker found a flyer for Adventure Boot Camp and the 3 of us registered. I was running a little, but was expecting the worse before we started (flashes of military). So, fast forward 10 and half years. What a fantastic journey we started! I have met great friends and have found my athletic drive again. I can't do what I once did, but I can do more than I thought I could. Thanks for being such a great leader Sara, and I look forward to another decade with you at the lead! ~Michele Addison Boot Camper since 2007


I have been a member of Deer Park Adventure Boot Camp for almost 8 years!! I has become a lifestyle for me. I have learned so much about food, nutrition, correct exercising and have made some wonderful friends over the years. The owner, Sara and our evening instructor, Kendra, are knowledgeable and very encouraging! I always look forward to going to boot camp and pushing myself to get stronger. It's the best thing I have ever done for myself! ~Sherri Daugherty, Boot Camper since 2009


I joined Bay Area Adventure Boot Camp in April 2011. At first I was apprehensive about the word “Boot Camp”. Sara showed me how to modify each workout to better suite my specific fitness level, she is a pro! The workouts can be tailored towards certain body parts or a full body workout. She incorporates fun in her exercises such as great races and the “Great Pumpkin Pump” during the Halloween season! I love the strength and endurance that I have gained physically and mentally by completing these workouts. Her passion and expertise in physical training bleeds through our moral in the mornings and keeps us all motivated. Wonderful friendships have been made here, I love my Boot Camp buddies!! ~Necie Gray, Boot Camper since 2011


I joined DPABC in July 2015 and it was the best fitness decision I've made. I started because I wanted to be in control of my health and weight, and it worked! From the first day I was hooked. Sara does an excellent job of changing up our workouts everyday, so it is never boring. I feel like I am the strongest, healthiest version of myself, and it is easier to maintain my body goals now more than ever. 
I have people ask me all the time "why would you get up at 5:00 am to exercise?" I tell them because we are like a family. We encourage each other to do better, run faster, and give it all you've got. Sara is the best at pushing us and encouraging everyone to keep going. She knows each persons' health restrictions and caterers your workout to you. If you have bad knees and everyone is doing a knee heavy workout, she will come over to you and give you a safer alternative. She really cares about all of us and she wants to make it an enjoyable experience for all. You may think to yourself "I just can't get up that early," but once you get into a routine it's so easy. ~Janet Snow Boot Camper since 2015


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