Bridget WinsteadTo start, life just sometimes distracts us from what we are doing to our bodies on a daily basis.   I got so busy living the life of a mom & wife, that many times I neglected my own well-being.   I constantly ate on the go and eventually packed on the pounds. I never even realized I was so overweight until I saw the dreaded picture from the summer of 2008.   What a wake-up call. I realized that I was taking precious years off of my life.   I knew that I had to do something, but I also knew that the quick fix diet solutions were only going to be temporary.   I had tried everything and the weight always returned.   That was when I was introduced to Boot Camp.   It was definitely what I needed.   The workouts were different everyday and they were always challenging.   The first month, I could not even run a mile without walking, but I stuck with it. I never quit and I always came to boot camp ready to give 100%.   In the beginning, I saw a mental change.   My mind adjusted to the early morning workouts. My muscles were not as sore. I was able to push myself past my comfort zone.   I was mentally ready for whatever Sara brought for our workout.   Next change was my eating habits.    I took everything that Sara taught me at the Nutrition Lecture and eventually worked in all of the changes that needed to happen in order for me to lose the pounds.   When I combined the workouts with my change in eating habits, the pounds just started melting off.   The more weight that I lost, the more addicted I was to boot camp and eating healthy.   I no longer craved the unhealthy food.   If you get up that early and work that hard, the last thing you want to do is sabotage your accomplishments by eating unhealthy. It takes both to reach your goals.   One year later, I have lost 50 pounds, 33.3 inches, and 5.9% body fat and have made lots of great friends. This weekend, I will be running my first 5K in over 25 years.   In all my years of "diets", exercising and eating right are the only permanent solution!!!   Thank you Adventure Boot Camp!! You have not only helped me change my body, but also taught me how to add those precious years back to my life.

Bridget Winstead, Boot Camper since September 2008

Allison Darden, Before & AfterI am truly addicted to boot camp.  I look forward to starting my day off with an exciting workout.  Even after a year, my measurements continue to change, I have lost over 10% body fat and 16 inches.  I have developed good eating habits, established daily workout routines and best of all, formed life long friendships with boot campers sharing common goals!  

Allison Darden, Boot Camper since April 2007

I have been a boot camper since January 2007.  I am quite sure I am the oldest boot camper - I turned 62 in October. The daily workouts and choosing a healthier lifestyle have produced positive outcomes.  The physical challenge has made me stronger and even more committed.  I feel better, have more stamina, and I am physically stronger than I have been in years. 
Sherry Garrison, Boot Camper since January 2007

Christina Wadell, Before and After

What a great way to lose weight! What a reward to look at myself in the mirror and know that I have lost 20 lbs. and am so motivated to push myself to lose more! I love the surprise I get not knowing what exercise we'll be doing that day, and how motivating the trainer's are. Thank you Adventure Boot Camp for helping me change my life!

Christina Waddell, Boot Camper since June, 2008

I have only been going to boot camp a few months.  I joined to give myself a jump start into exercising again after some time off.  I am normally mostly a runner but I wanted to get some of the rest of my body into shape.  I lost inches in just one month to my surprise.  One month led to another and the rest is history.   I have met new people that challenge me to be the best that I can be.  I can also say, it is never boring.  Every day is different.  And if that is not enough, daily motivational emails on eating and life lessons are provided as well as nutrition classes and grocery shopping tours to help me to focus on proper eating habits.   Thanks for the TOTAL program. 
Diane Brown, Boot Camper since June 2008

Boot Camp has been a perfect fit for me.  Excuses are no longer an option.  I have been with Sara since the beginning and you will never be able to find anyone better.  The info offered and directions given are the best.  We have alot of fun! 
BJ, Boot Camper since Nov 2006

Lana Wilburn, Before & After
Boot Camp has done wonders for me!  I feel so strong, healthy, energized, and confident!  Every day is a new fun challenge and every day you are inspired by other boot campers to push your hardest!  I LOVE IT!"

Lana Wilburn, Boot camper since Summer 2007


Before I was feeling weak and so out of shape and now I feel "Strong".  I'm not a morning person, so I must admit that waking up at 4:30 in the morning was a challenge, the first week was hard, but then my body started changing.  My friends thought I was crazy working out so early.  But my husband was so proud of my accomplishments so this gave me the push I needed to get into shape.  Finally, I was feeling energized again and full of life!  At times, I felt I couldn't go any further so Sara's motivation and the other campers empowered me.  A CHANGE had occurred in me!  I truly found myself loving Boot camp workouts so much that I decided to take the challenge and become a fitness trainer.  It has made a huge difference in my life.  Sara made the boot camp FUN and always keep us guessing our new exercises. She is an awesome fitness instructor. I have experienced positive results and so can YOU, so now it's your turn to get in the best shape of your life for Wellness.
Barbara Aldana, Boot Camper since July 2008

I have been attending boot camp since June 2007 and have realized that this is the best gift I can give myself.  Boot camp keeps me sane!  Getting out there, moving my body, and doing things that I thought I couldn't do (push ups and pull ups!) is wonderful, but the biggest gift for me personally has been my mood improvement.  Boot camp has given me an outlet for my daily stress and anxiety, and I find that I am a better wife, mom, sister, and friend.  In fact, if I miss a day or two, it shows and my family tells me right away that I need to get back to boot camp!  It has been an incredible journey and one that I am committed to continuing in 2009!
Renee Granberry, Boot Camper since June 2007

Attending the 5:15 Boot camp is an opportunity to get in a great workout before your real day starts. Working out with other women with the same goals makes it more challenging and builds many friendships. This type  of setting helps you be more accountable and not want to miss a day of attendance. Sara has a daily workout to challenge you and a variety of workouts to keep it interesting and you wanting more.
Diane Mills, Boot Camper since April 2008

Adventure Boot Camp, Erin, and the great friends I have met in camp are the best things that have happened in my life in a long time.  I am feeling healthier, have lots more energy, and have lost lots of inches. I encourage anyone that has lost their motivation to exercise, to join a boot camp."
Vicki Gothia, Platinum Camper, McNair Park

Before beginning bootcamp I had given up on the possibility of achieving any fitness or wieght loss success.  Bootcamp has not only helped me work toward achieving these goals, but it has also helped me to gain confidence and inspired me to try a variety of fitness activities.  The other bootcampers are very welcoming and I have felt comfortable working at my own pace and fitness level.
Rachel Sheffield, Boot Camper since September 2008

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